The Bike Park is a significantly different experience from cross country and regular trail riding. The trails require constant physical and mental effort to stay in control.


Loading and unloading the lift with a bike requires significant strength and children may require assistance.


Protective clothing and equipment is mandatory for young riders. Proper protection requires a properly fitted full-faced helmet, gloves, covered arms and legs, leg armour, arm armour and solid running shoes. If you require some of this equipment, talk with Guest Services.


The Bike Park trails are specifically designed for full suspension mountain bikes. The trails are rocky, bumpy and become much more difficult without quality suspension. Without full suspension, fatigue will become an issue much sooner. The steeper grades of the Blue and Black trails require more powerful brakes for adequate speed control and stopping power. Less powerful brakes such as cable actuated brakes will increase the onset of fatigue as more effort, and more fingers,  will be required to maintain speed control. All Bike Park participants should ride a properly sized bike and should be able to stand over the seat with their feet flat on the ground. A bike that is too large or with a high seat post increases the risk of losing control and injury. If you are unsure if your bike is suitable please see one of our team.


The level of risk increases with the level of difficulty. Black trails often have significant drops and jumps that require speed, skill and experience to navigate. Many difficult trails will have a "filter" feature at the top signifying a skill level or speed requirement. This is to keep riders with insufficient skill or experience off trails that will may be beyond their ability, or speed comfort. Do not ride around these features as you may become a hazard to yourself and other faster riders. Young riders are at even more risk as they may become a hazard to other riders if they are not seen in a landing area and are unable to move out of the way. Children should always be accompanied by an adult and should be monitored for fatigue regularly.